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Mystic robes


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By either killing the respective slayer monsters that drop them, or buy them off players.




Monsters that drop mystic parts:




Mystic Gloves








Desert Lizard






Mystic Boots






Desert Lizard


Infernal mage






Mystic Hat






Infernal Mage


Wall Beast






Mystic Robe Bottom






Aberrant Specter






Mystic Robe Top










Taken from the Jagex knowledge base (is you friend).






Prices on the market:




Black and Red:




Hat: 25k - 30k


Robe Top: 350k - 400k


Robe Bottom: 200k - 250k


Gloves: 25k - 30k


Boots: 25k - 30k


Full set: 700k - 800k




Yellow and White:




Hat: 20k - 25k


Robe Top: 300k - 400k


Robe Bottom: 175k - 250k


Gloves: 25k - 30k


Boots: 25k - 30k


Full set: 500k - 800k




Taken from Tip.It price check sticky.

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