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i probably wont update EVERY day but you can bet ill update once a week another thing i'd like to point out is that im 13 year old AMERICAN you can't expect me to spell every word correctly so dont be so picky




hi everybody!




my names cloud im a-what the hell am i saying you can just go click my runescape name over there and see my stats dont be lazy :)




well i decided that seeing as how my life is probably more interesting then yours i think ill put in a blog but dont worry life wont suck forever.....except for you.....no the guy behind you....yeah you your gonna live a sad life :(




well to date (seeing as how it isn't in the highscores) i have 217 quest points that used to be all of them until jagex released that god forsaken lvl 57 herblore quest -.- but don't worry i've been working on it so i'll get it soon :)




i need 9 more herb lvls till 57 but not only am i working on herblore im alose working on getting 70 prayer right now i have 55 and i need about 2k d bones to get to 70 (donations would be sweet) so whenever i get bored from killing chaos druid warriors i go range some blue dragons right now i got about 300 hides and bones




for any1 who is wondering that "location" thing over on the left is from a foo fighters song rock on !,,! -.- !,,!






well another fun filled day full of dead things in this case i mean druids i got a couple good herbs but this is mostly what its like:guam guam guam tarromin guam marrentil guam guam guam harralander guam rannar weed.MAN DO I HATE GUAMS! i mean really why cant we have a ring that reduces the rate of stupid items? that'd be sweet anywho that's just about all i did o yeah and i got 55 prayer today as well which is sweet still not 70 but its better then 54 or 53 or 52 or 51 or 50.From what i've read on the forums AFT part 2 seems pretty rewarding which makes me wanna get 57 herblore so much more not to mention those gorak thingys are good herb exp for some other quest that jagex decides to throw in a high lvl for an annoying skill that is hard to get up (saradomin help us all if a quest needs 60+ farming) well that's pretty much it if any1 wants to say something about my blog so far (not much of a blog so far really) feal free to it can be good or bad i'll just take the bad stuff as constructive critiscm (spellcheck) which is something ALOT OF PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN HOW TO DO.

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on second thought i couldn't keep a blog even if someone pa-ok maybe if someone paied me but if someone but a gun to m-ok maybe then to but im to busy in rl to keep a blog so sorry any1 (doubtful) who was looking forward to reading it i won't be keeping 1

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