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help with merchanting?


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i recently sold my obby cape for 250k and i was wondering how to make more money. My friend told me dat he started merchanting with 200k and now has 850k. So i was wondering if he could do it...... could i? :-k




p.s. any hints or tips will b gratefully recieved! :idea:

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Yes, basically just buy stuff cheap and sell for more. Such as go around buyin a d b axe for 150k..buy..then sell for 170k..etc etc..just do that..or find someone selling strings for 130 ea and buy 1k..then sell them for 150 ea..etc[/i][/b]


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i find that if you make your text a different color, not only does it become more noticeable, it tends to stay on the screen for a longer period of time

Fear the frog reaper. Hypercubes make the frog reaper happy ^_^



Or else I shall feast upon your soul!!! :twisted:

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