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  1. What the hell? I wish slickmovedud would have made sense. RPG = Rocket-propelled grenade :wink: As for txlnghorns...your spanglish only gets as good as Peggy Hill's :twisted: I wish you all adieu. Blazi, the Games forum wouldn't quite be the same without your demon and gun obsession, and I'll miss your pathetic attempts at evilness :P Dragoonson, you've been a worthy foe in the "You are Wrong" game. You're an inspiration to us all :thumbsup: I feel like I'm forgetting someone but that's pretty much all I could find for the people I see frequently on this forum :? Sorry if I missed you! #-o Know that you were awesome though :thumbsup: I leave you with these words...remember: Only you can prevent forest fires!
  2. You didn't specify which seasons/movies/versions so I can't exactly tell you. The Red and Blue versions were most definitely not ripoffs of the FireRed and LeafGreen versions though :P *free post for the next person*
  3. Two-story outhouse Sit on the bottom floor and find out why it's a bad idea :twisted:
  4. He's 17 :P The geographic North Pole is in the Northern Hemisphere.
  5. You get blank robots. The software programs are available for $5,000.16 and were written using the ENIAC coding system. Your robots require programming with C++ (I have no clue what I'm talking about here #-o ...let's just say that the programs and your robots are incompatible) I wish that Jagex would release the French-language version of RuneScape at least three months before I graduate. Then I could claim to be studying while playing :twisted:
  6. Gah! For once I can't prove TheBlazikenMaster wrong! :wall: All oranges are actually hybrids of two different plant species.
  7. Yeeah it's too bad they won't breathe unless you personally tell them to, and you have to be right in front of them in order for it to work (you can't use recordings/intercom systems :shame: ) I wish for you to wear socks today.
  8. So now you're being stabbed to death with a broken stick. How is that any better? :-k I wish for the next poster to type "a" between every letter in his/her next post. For example: Tahaias sataaataeamaeanat haaas tahae laeatataear a baeatawaeaean eaaacah laeatataear.
  9. No, he's right based off the information he was given =; If you don't eat your veggies, you aren't going to grow up strong and healthy :ohnoes:
  10. Imperfection of life #42: #-o (that's the title :D ) Someone comes up with a brilliant idea, but it goes down the toilet because of some technical issue (like grammar or organization) that has little to do with the idea itself. Lemme see if I can't rephrase the rules a little bit :wink: "Ok, this is a pretty simple game. Just post a comment on the little annoyances you notice throughout the day :) Start by saying 'Imperfection of life #____,' with some random number like 7863 in the blank. Next, give your post a title. For example, I use 'a good movie.' After that, type out a mini rant! For example, 'Every time I go to the theaters and see an awesome movie, towards the end, as the movie gets really really good, I always have to go to the bathroom so badly it hurts. I either have to go and miss the good part, or pray I can hold it in.' Make sure you give us some content, and not just a few words :wink: Ready, set, GO! :thumbsup: "
  11. Too bad you were talking to yourself in the mirror (the genie assumes that when you wish the seaweed monster doesn't attack you, you mean that it returns to the sea after the attack and does not return to attack you after the wish has been granted) The next time you enter someone's home, I wish for you to accidentally spill something onto a washable surface :twisted:
  12. The roof. If Sauron's only weakness was his ring hand, why didn't he just encase his hand in a giant block of metal? Then he would always have a sledgehammer at his disposal and nobody would be able to cut off his ring finger :
  13. For some strange reason, you become more clumsy and accident-prone. Funny how harm can always seem to find you :-k I wish for you to do one push-up.
  14. No you can't. If cells go too long without oxygen, they die. Dead muscle cells = no movement ...and don't get me started on the fact that magic doesn't exist :shame: A fire will stop burning if there is no more oxygen.
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