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getting member, need help whit some questions


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im combat lvl 68, whit;




70 magic


50 pray


55 def


50 atk


50 str


50 range




-so can i train and get good xp at PC?




-and im buying 70k iron ores and 500 forgings, how many hours will it take to smelt and smith all for lvl 85? (currently lvl 70)


can somebody calculate it for me, roughly +- 2 hours maybe?


how many will i be able to at the ghost place a hour?




-how many hours would it take to get 85 mining by mining granite? and where is the granite place? im lvl 72 atm




-should i rase members skills? (stupid cuestion) but i will be meber fo just 3 mothns i think, and then be a free player again.. so to have clean stats should i touch any members skills?




ty, i am ape

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train agility to about 25+ because that carries on to F2P for the others yes you can train at PC, you should use 500 or how many natures you need and a fire staff to make your ores because you get magic and smithing exp. with 100% chance of working others you should find out your self

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