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can someone tell me about houses?


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yes you do have to be a member, and theres estase agents around the map that will sell you a house (one in varrock near church, one in fally east of furnace)


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well you kinda can live in your house ;)




runescape knowledbe base has great guide to beginner construction worker. if you decide to start building it, read once, and then go to tip.it guide wich is great.

1500+ total 89 cmb; 1600+ total and under 93 cmb.

02/04/07 reached all skills 60+ under lvl 90 cmb.

07/19/07 reached all skills 70+ at lvl 93 cmb.

Prayer is good for herbs
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I would like to add that if you are a member and are going to start building a house, be prepared to spend a LOT of money. This is not a skill for the cheap, which is why my construction is only 33 \'

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