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  1. Pleased to be your first comment, flebby <3

  2. Forum Name: Prof Fleb Runescape Name: Prof Fleb Picture: http://i118.photobucket.com/albums/o118 ... offleb.png
  3. "and find something hidden in the near raving. The choice is green or yellow during centrifugal search within: Im in, I game." This could refer to the wilderness quest, to find something hidden there, you must search within, he (she? it?) is in, so within, means within the wilderness. Though hidden could refer to the hidden trapdoor at the grand exchange, perhaps it will be a part of the new quest? Or am i speculating wildly?
  4. Yes, todays event was a bit of a massacre, half the group left after only 2 elementals, leaving the rest to face a bit of a revenant rush of sorts. Thankfully no one suffered heavy losses from this, but because of the loss of most of the team (half gone after 2 elementals, others left when we got, for lack of a better word "pwned") we where unable to launch a counter attack. The good news is that we learned, next time i hope people will realize the importance of sticking with the group, so when the revenants come we will crush them back to the dirt they came from!
  5. New thread set up with times for the next trips =)
  6. Hello there tipit, as you may or may not know, every week lightning clan chat takes a trip to the wilderness to say hi to the chaos elemental and the revenant army, have a cup of tea, then smash them in the face with a large axe. So if you want to come along and partake in this event, grab your equipment and join us at the time below. :D (drops will not be shared unless the person receiving wants to, in short, finders keepers) When and where: so now that you know what to bring and what to do, the next trip is below! Time: Sunday 13th January 20:00 gmt World: 99 Meet at: Edgeville bank Notes: Join clan chat lightning for the event. What to bring. Before i begin, remember that this event will take place exclusively in mutli-combat wilderness of levels 50 and above. Revenant knights and orcs will attack, possibly in groups of up to four, so some people will die on this trip. On a brighter note, if you die someone will bless your grave and you can get back to regain all your stuff, so death is more of a minor inconvenience than a major problem. Still, if this is your first time and your worried about losing stuff, just bring three items All players: Everyone present should bring their best dragon hide armour, the chaos elementals best attack is his magic attack, so even if your melleing, dragon hide is a must. Also, a ring of life is useless here as it will not work past level 30 wilderness. Warriors: As mentioned, dragon hide or your best magic defence is your best best, bring a dragon dagger(p++) or specs and a main weapon such as a whip or dragon long or dragon scimmy. attack and strength boosting gear like helm of neitiznot, rune defender or god book are recomended. The rest of your inventory should be food, with prayer potions and super sets optional. Rangers: Your best anti magic armour is a must, as well as either a rune crossbow and any bolt past mithril, avas accumulator should be brought as well as a god book to boost your range attack. Like warriors the rest of your inventory should be food, with a ranging potion and some prayer potions thrown in for good measure. Mages: Since you cannot wear dragon hide and attack with magic efficiently, I wouldn't recommend this method of attack, if you want to, bring your best mage attack boosting gear, with the spell slayer dart, iban blast (bring a back up spell if using iban blast since the charges will probably run out) a god spell or fire blast. your inventory should be food, with plenty of prayer pots. Tactics When we arrive, Warriors and rangers will use the "protect from range" prayer, (the dragon hide will be enough to protect from the mage attacks) and mages should use protect from mage. the chaos elemental attacks an area instead of a player, so spreading out is a must, all warriors should attempt to surround the elemental at close range while the rangers and magers spread out at medium to long ranges. Important! as well as attacking with all three forms of combat, the chaos elemental can unequip your items and teleport you away from him, if either of these happen to you, simply re-equip or run back to him. If you die. if you die dont panic, someone will bless your grave, giving you a full hour to return and claim your lost property. two quick ways to return are listed below, with maps (!) Method one: wilderness lever The quickest method involves going to the nearest bank from where your spawn point is and getting 2 law runes, 2 water runes and a knife. Teleport to ardy and follow the map below to return: Red points: where you teleport in from Red line: path followed Green point: Where to use knife Blue box: chaos elemental Method two: wilderness teleports. Using a glory amulet or varrock teleport, get to the wilderness and use the wilderness portals to get to the one at rogues castle, very close to the chaos elemental. [warning, these portals teleport you randomly to another portal, you may have to teleport a few times to get to the right one.] The portal nearest to the edge of the wilderness is directly north of varrock, just above the chaos temple. (map coming soon) See you there! Special thanks to: Everyone who was at the last event and everyone who will be at the next. The chaos elemental for being so fun to kill. Lightning chat for being a great place to go insane, i mean chat with friends.... My keyboard for misspelling the word "chaos" to be "choas" nearly every time I typed it on this thread. Tipit, for letting me use their maps.
  7. Oh, in case anyones wondering we'll be making regular trips to the chaos elemental from lightning chat at least once a week :D
  8. Woo! I was there! thats me in the blue hair facing the wrong way and saying we rawk. :D
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