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range and merch questions


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ok im level 35 range and my goal is to wear dhide (any color, obvoustly black is my ultimate goal) where and how should i train i also am combat 70...


i can make arrows through steel also so i can easily make arrows so they arent a issue....




and for p2p merchanting, what should i merchant?... ive been doing willows buy at 20 sell at 30-35... what would be easier cause i have trouble buying for 20... and i have 500k+ so starting money isnt an issue either....




thanks! :D


Best nest to date, two in one swing...

1,001st to 99 Firemaking.

3 Barrows drops: Torags legs, Dharoks legs, Veracs plateskirt

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Train until 50 ranged at experiments, they're great. Afterwards, you can stick to experiments until 60 - 65, or you can start training on ogres/moss giants.




After you get 60 - 65, go to waterfall dungeon(do the quest if not done), and range the fire giants.



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At lv5 ish range I made just over 10k iron knives. These got me to 60+ range (red dhide).




I ranged :




5-20: Cows at crafting guild. Save hides for crafting.


20-30: Barbarians in the great hall. (lv 1 clues break the boredom)


30-45: lv22 archer guards on fally south wall. Low level seeds and lv2 clues (the lowest level droppers of lv 2 clues)


45-60: Moss giants, varrock sewers, south spawn (lots of safespots). Drop herb seeds and big bones for prayer.


60+: Fire giants. Waterfall dungeon. Lots of safespots and good drops + big bones.




Hope that helps





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