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Could I mage Monkey Madness?


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I'm only at the first part, haven't gone down to the dungeon. 66 mage, 71 combat, under 60 attack. Rune armour and scimmy, blue dhide if I need to range, mystic for magic. I could ancient or claws of guthix, but I can't afford the ancient staff.

Ignotum per Ignotius

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The demon is strong against mage. I would use range. You can use a mage short with the best arrows you can afford. Stand back and let the gnomes melee him you only have to pray protect from magic.




The hard part is the dungeon.





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Lol watch out that dungeon is the hardest part of the quest IMO. I considered fire blasting the demon, but I was too cheap so i just trained my range to 55 and used blue d hide and mage short. I believe i used just over 100 bronze arrows on the thing. Remember the demon can hit very high with melee and magic. However, he won't walk up to you unless you walk up to him so you can just mage protect and range him and he will just keep trying to mage you. Of course you could try maging him... but as i understand his mage defence is very high and ranging is a lot cheaper, especially if ancient staffs are an economic issue for you. Lol congratulations on doing Desert Treasure though. :thumbsup:

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