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whats a good way for me to make money?


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heres my stats.


attack 77


str 78


def 76


range 96


prayer 70


mage 68


rc 67


construction 21


hp 88


agilty 70


herblore 70


theiving 76


crafting 84


fletching 88


slayer 78


mining 65


smithing 66


fishing 66


cooking 70


fm 81


wc 76


farming 66




i want a fast easy way but i really cant think of one. also i want it to be fun. i dont want some really boring way.

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You could fletch and high alch what you fletch. You could also abyss craft natures, lots of profit there. And ftw go for merchanting, down right best way to make money.



"Long live the sun. May the darkness be hidden"

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