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Dramen staff -> lunar


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the last quest introduced the fairy rings which really own on so many levels it's had to not have a dramen staff in my inventory.




Problem is that the dramen staff weighs like 12 wt? making my normally negative weight cumbersome from that one itema lone.




Visions of dramen tallys or hats filled my dreams.




Enter lunar diplomacy which converts your dramen staff into a lunar. After the quest is done at the very latest, the weight of the dramen staff converted drops to under 2 wt.




I only noticed this popping to get a new slayer after completing the quest so not sure when the dramtic weight reduction applies to the staff.




anyway starting wt of -2, one staff pushed it to 0 weight and a 2nd staff pushed it to 1. So under 2 wt for sure.




Lunar staves act as dramen staves for lost city/fariy ring access as well as the lunar diplomacy aspects - this puppy is a constant companion now.









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