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need advice..


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atm i have all i need to lvl 85 smithing, but i dont have the motivation..


so i was thinking of selling all and turn my main into a pker..


if i sold all i would be near 10 mill




atm im 70 smithing.




and my combat stats are..




60 def (i would be a higher lvl pkr)


60 atk


62 soon to be 63 str


hp 63


range 53


magic 70


pray 50




i would try and create a pkr like this:


def 60


atk 70


str 75-80+


pray 52


magic 82-85


hp ?


range ?






help me decide.. in lack of motivation im thinking to scrach the whole 85 smithing project, is 85 smithing that gr8 anyways?






BTW i LOOVE killing green drags so i could make money that way or something..

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Well, considering killing green dragons is AMAZING cash, and you love it - go for that instead of 85 smithing, sure we all want a high smithing level like that. But unless you have 85 mining, and/or are willing to compete alot for rune ores it's harder to earn cash that way.




Stick with green dragons. Rake up enough cash and then maybe go for 85 smithing? :D Or, just work for other goals and gradually come back to smithing. Do smithing in little chunks, so it won't get boring. :wink:

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