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Ring of Stone


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Ok, this is my first time on the Tip.It forums, so excuse me if this is misplaced.




Can anyone post a screenshot of the effects of the Ring of Stone? And when you take the picture, make sure you get it so that the mouse is hovering over the player who is the stone? You can black out the name, but I was wondering what it would look like if you just bumped into a stone one day. Would it even have your name there?




If you right-click the stone, what options are there?

I recently finished my goal of stealing 10,000 cakes!


http://img395.imageshack.us/slideshow/p ... 42u61.smil


New Goal: Ring of Stone

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Yah, its one of the variety of empty mining rocks. I've seen a few at Pest Control on my Pure. The display list is identical to when you click on a player.




I just wonder if as the person that is morphed can see their inv, stats, etc, unlike when we use the ring of egg or not.


People just need to learn to share crabs.
I'd prefer my nether regions clear of diseases, thank you very much.
just turn off accept aids
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