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Strength training?


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The best way to do it would be to go to relekka rock crabs / experiments and train with a rune scimmy.


Thanks Venomai for this super sig and Kwimbob for the awesome avatar!

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Monkey Madenss and Dragon slayer is good exp for arround your level...You've probably already done Dragon Slayer though. And monkey Madeness will be a great difficulty for you...Check out Tip.It's quest guide for monkey madness and see if you think you could beat it/meet the requirments... :XD:

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Quite Weirdly and stupid of me!


I never did the dragon slayer quest!


It sound like noob but everytime i try it i die with all my map pieces,So mostly i stop tryieng that quest for 3 months and try it long time later


DOnt look at me as a noob right now!



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