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Bumming across Runescape


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I have not completed every quest


Or bought a dragon axe


I haven't killed the kalphite queen


And my skills aren't near their max.




I haven't really done much in this game,


Ask, no, I haven't done that.


I have, however, bummed across Runescape,


With 5gp and a party hat.




I set off up the riverside,


Killed a chicken and ate it raw,


The farmer got mad so a gave him 1 gold


because I couldn't afford much more.




In one village every one loved me,


With the hat astride my head,


I seemed to get free armour,


And 14 proposals to wed.




I trekked across the desert,


And nearly died of thirst,


A great big queue of people followed,


to see who would get my hat first.




I once wandered into the wilderness once


And was killed 20 times thanks to lag


Luckily since I didn't have much


The 4gp and the hat remained in my bag.




I found my self in a castle once,


With warriors in blue and red,


I seemed to get asked what I was doing there


With the hat astride my head.




I payed a boy 2gp one day


When he saved me from a giant


He seemed very disapointed though


Almost damn defiant.




My remaining gold piece I lost


To a man who want fr33 stuff


Even though it was all I had besides the hat


He wailed that it wasn't enough




I've seen kingdoms of dwarves and elves,


But I don't do those things any more,


The party hat and the 5gp?


I found them both on the floor.






Wrote this while fishing because I was bored. Hints and tips on how to improve would be appreciated.

I hoped you enjoyed my post. If not, you may wish to jot down the name below and make obscene phone calls.



Coming to a big screen near you.

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Wow, that's an excellent poem. You really did a good job. =D> I loved the last line. It's almost satirical, did you mean it like that?

the russians are the best! Hands down!
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