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What Else Can I Try?


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I have always wanted to be a player moderator in runescape, so I can help out in runescape, and actually have disruptive users banned when I report them. For the 7 months I have played, I have always been worthy to be one. I would report any people who break the rules, I memorized the rules, I am responsible, never been reported or had any accounts banned, and if someone ask for help, I always help. I help them for any reasons from a new player trying to make there way around, to giving money to a person who just recovered from a keylogger and finds they got there money stolen. I have always been good to runescape, and still no messages from jagex to be a moderator. What else should I do? Oh yeah, and I'm f2p if it matters. Thanks for reading, and I fully understand if you flame on this topic cuz it prob bugs you, but please try not to flame, no matter how much you hate me and my post. :wall:



Thank you everybody for rising up against macroing!!!

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