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Guard in tree?


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he is watching the wise old man (that robbed the bank)




and no, you cant use him to anything else, yet

Best/latest drop list:

Rune: 18th of june 2006 [scimmy]

Other: 6th of June 2006 [3 half keys, T]

26th of june 2006 [yellow mystic hat]


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That depends on whether you talk to him or just use a bowl of stew with the tree. If you talk to him, he will notice the stew and give you 20 coins for it, but he will give you 30 coins if you use one on the tree he is in. He will eat multiple bowls of stew, you just have to wait for him to finish one before giving him another.




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No, he is f2p as well, and he got there after draynor bank was robbed. =P




Did ya see the vid? Talk to the guard outside, that is membs only though.

Does anyone happen to know death_siren? She stole a green mask from me, and I think I found my way into her ignore list. If you know anything, please, don't hesitate to give me a pm.

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