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  1. The whole point with junk is that you're getting on the side, keeping something you found which you really have no use for. But you can use it as junk, go kill some bosses....
  2. Thank you Duncdar, I did have SOME respect in you, no more. Calling me a "crack-[wagon] admin" who probably bought his account... I've had this account for 5 years, and that "incident" you're linking to shows that you've misunderstood the situation more then I could possible imagine. The biggest reason for that the OOC is having some "troubles" is mainly because of the RS community, RS is filled of people who harass people for a living, and we don't want that kind of people in the order, and without people there is no activity. And if you've been spammed and harassed by someone at the patch I can GUARANTEE you that it was not a member of the OOC, furthermore, OOC is the best group of people I've ever met and I wouldn't ever want to see the OOC dissolved.
  3. No dragon battlehammer yet, which is a disappointment -.-
  4. In the chaos altar you can walk back without problems, it's like in level 5 wild -.-
  5. No, but I laugh like a maniac though.
  6. And what made you draw that conclusion? Jagex has explained it in the god letters. Imagine spinning a wheel, on a 100 you get to spin on a different wheel with higher rewards, the RoW will increase the chances of getting something worthwhile instead of nothing on that wheel.
  7. Oh, and I wouldn't advice joking too much about terrorism in CCs (duh). Cost me my crown, and police suddenly showed up at my door.
  8. Yeah... you're basically just drawing even more people there with this topic... Sometimes it's better shutting up then ranting about it, practise that would you?
  9. www.tip.it SUbmit content, or something like that.
  10. No, I believe you can still get them. But it's about 4 hours of play after it grew up.
  11. I have good reason to believe that it will include cabbage.
  12. Well, yeah. Everyone's selling them now. I just hope I get it sold before it goes below 12m...
  13. I've been hanging around in Lumb, shooting people who are annoying me. That's why it's so quiet.
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