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  1. Quick question if anyone knows aproximate respawn time of adamantite ore? thanks :)
  2. yeah I crack the fingers but like crackin the neck more.
  3. 7/10 stats, 10/10 bank.. that cashpile is very impressive man.
  4. nice bob, do some slayer, get that up to 90 maybe, then work on summoning... just my opinion though 9/10 :)
  5. Ohai Cortana. wow my thoughts exactly :lol:
  6. smoke a j, a cig, or play a video game
  7. Mizzou Tigers, gold and black hell yea \
  8. I Am Sam.... Hollywood did a good job of explaining this scenario :lol:
  9. i am noobish as well to abreviated rs lingo... what are Az's?... as for the rate, 7/10 99's are always good achievments in my opinion, even if it is a common 99.
  10. played on a sponsored team for about a year. was loads of fun, got to play some gomes against pro treams like Miami Effect... great sport, haven't played in over 3 years though -.-
  11. Restore a car, that could take a long time. Work on it with friends who have the tools or maybe a family member. Puzzles are always fun as mentioned before, maybe try solving rubix (spelling?) cubes?
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