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  1. This is what is bothering me most about playing RuneScape right now.. I am one of those people who came back for 07 because it was so hyped. I'd had one experience of EoC which was the combat academy which is AWFUL and Jagex should revamp it, because it turned me off. It was on a whim of my flatmate that I showed him EoC and realised how wonderful it is But Ts hits on the one thing that is making me not want to play RuneScape - the community has dwindled so much. I browse every single RS forum I can find and none of them are anywhere near as active as they were before I quit. It's that discussion that I miss most. I hope it'll come back soon -- Pretty frustrating for the other article given the latest news post from Jagex however, hahaha. I think they made the right choice
  2. I quit currentRS/EoC after I achieved my goal of owning an ags. I never wanted to come back because it's been devalued so much by the updates. I find it frustrating that an item that cost me 100m is worth 8m, and if I had kept my coins I could nearly buy drygores. (My own fault, I know). But that is enough to make me unmotivated to play EoC - especially because whips and d weapons are now universally agreed to be terrible. I don't want to come back and be starting from virtual scratch when the sheer number of people who are maxed out in terms of both wealth and stats is so massive. I've only played EoC combat twice. I did the tutorial (which is terrible and makes you find it very tedious) and 10 minutes of killing random trolls which I did enjoy the combat. But the appeal of 07 - a fresh start - is far more than the enjoyment I might get out of EoC. The fun of 07scape is that it's a game I know, a game I enjoy, a game where the road between me and endgame is not so long and so well trodden that it's full of feet deep puddles. It was dungeoneering that first made me quit because I'd always been a relatively solo player of RS, and grinding dungeoneering on my own was tedious. The fact that I HAD to do dungeoneering to have access to chaotic weapons (and therefore the most efficient weapons) turned me off from RS in the first place. I appreciate I'm pretty ignorant of RS and many of you will refute what I've said with 'well you could do this _____' but this is just my opinion and how I feel.
  3. that feel when the tavern is sooooo dead
  4. [hide=spoilers] sup bro, didnt you love it when it turned out jaime owns??[/hide]
  5. There's an easy solution to this. Set the book on a table. If necessary, remove the cover first. :mrgreen: yeah but dude i read when i go to bed
  6. you guys are so dumb, like seriously 'get out while you can' -> clearly im saying the books are awful, right? anyway the latest book DOES suck cause it's way too big to hold comfortably as you read it
  7. get out while you can icu!!! never read the books!!
  8. The Governor: "Ah, come in Ms Beauchesne. It's a pleasure you've decided to come forth and join our team here at the Chronicle! There is a story developing at the pond in Roundtree Park I'd like you to research. The ducks in the pond are disappearing, and there doesn't seem to be any clue as to why. Try to be quick on this one, the people need answers!" - There were about 40 ducks at the pond in the month of May earlier this year, however the number has now dwindled to 23. Nobody has seen the ducks leave, and members of the local community are quite worried for their little flock! - The park has the pond, several benches, a playing field and a fenced off building, officially being renovated for use as a public toilet but no progress has been seen to be made in the last few months. - Go to the park and begin your investigation! Feed the ducks! The Governor: "Mr Beaumont, you are a welcome member of our crew... Your prowess is legendary, I dare say. I'm sorry to say I don't have anything lined up for you that is quite as exciting as the tales on your resumé, all I have is an eighteenth century building that used to be a public hall has been bought from the council and is being turned into a block of flats. Do your best to make a story out of this if you would, there is a small group of protesters who are trying to protect the building - The Arcadian - and I'd like to show that our paper represents any minority." - The protesters are camped outside the building and preventing building work from starting, but the council is preparing an edict that will force them to move on. - The development firm are called 'Robinsons' and appear to have no ties to the squash manufacturer, however it's still worth looking into the firm as they appear to be newly formed. - Try to use some of that insanity to think of another lead that might be worth following up? The phone rings in Poirot's apartment, and it's The Gov who is calling. "Ahoy ahoy Poirot, that can't be your real name can it? Ah, anyway. I've got something juicy for you. There's a new ship in at the docks called The Marien, it's a large freighter but I can't seem to find out what they're bringing in. All the information that is normally free to the public is hidden for some reason, can you go down there and see what you can smell out? Cheers." - The ship is much larger than those that normally come to the docks, and it's crew are remaining onboard. The only person to have been seen to disembark from the ship wears a jet black suit with shades and a hat. - All of the cargo containers are unmarked. - The dock is a dangerous place, there is little security aside from that paid for by ship owners and being mugged is common. The Governor:"Welcome to our establishment Mr Campbell, I hope you will find your time here enjoyable, for both of us.. I want you to interview members of the retirement home on Elm Street to find out if rumours of mistreatment are true. I know it's a small job, but someone has to do it and this is important to our readers. Thank you." - The retirement home was established some years ago by the council, but was privatized at the beginning of this year. There are around 110 elderly people living there, under the care of some 25 nurses and volunteers. You won't need to interview them all, but make a note of the state of the home as you visit it. - It might be worth investigating the company who bought the home and see if they have a track record in this kind of thing. ---- Anyway dudes, I'm gonna try my best to mod this with respect to your characters, if Res wants to use a gun then he will have to act different to Nex who uses his wits, even if they are put in the same situation. Yeah obv, 'standard' reporter equipment is a given. Hope this is a cool start, and you're all cool with your assignments! The Governor doesn't like layabouts!
  9. In the bustling Gothbeef City, a place where crime is high, the days are long and humid, and the police often commit brutality on the public, a new newspaper has emerged. The 'Tavern Chronicle' is a small project headed by one man, known as 'The Governor'. With the funds to only accept volunteer stories and print, it's struggling to get off the ground against the more widespread 'The Moonrune'. Owned by the gigantic 'Lies Corporation', Moonrune has a circulation of 5 million and pays serious money for the best stories, and isn't worried how it acquires them. The Chronicle is a more moral outfit, with its volunteers searching around local communities for the stories that sell to the people who they care about. The Governor is popular in small cafes on street corners, is a vocal fan of an amateur football team in a low income sector of the city - Hegemony FC. He's looking for adventurous reporters who want to find out the real news, the real injustice. But he wants something more than someone who is willing to interview an old lady about her cat that just died; he wants boldness, bravery, stupidity. Your task is to find the biggest story, explore the tiniest clues, follow the trail and bust the criminal. You can work as a team or on your own to increase the circulation of the Chronicle, bit by bit. While your adventures must start small, as you progress you will find obstacles in your path from the tyrannical Moonrune, and more tools available to help you as you enter the dangerous criminal underground of Gothbeef. -- So the basic plan is it's gonna be like kinda like murder mysteries type thing (i guess someone has prob done an RP like this before???) but you are gonna have to do a little bit more RP and little less solving clues. Basically you need to write a few stories after you collect information from random people in the city and as your stories get bigger/more successful you will be able to do more. You don't have to spend ages writing a story, even if all you wanna do is bullet point it that is cool. Just thought it would be fun to try something like this out. Anyway bros I'll be posting fairly often in response to your posts, but I might make real long posts so they might be a little infrequent (like 1 or 2 a day, if I can keep that up). So just post your characters, maybe an area you wanna write in, and we'll get started I guess??? Also the quality of your posts, and how indepth you research the story is relevant to how well your story is gonna sell but bear I will also roll a die. Cheers. any questions just ask please post else i'll feel dumb
  10. cheers bros, i ain't that great though also this wouldn't be one of those weird irc things you guys do, just a standard text based rp, anyway gonna post it now, cheers
  11. Hey guys can I start an RP???
  12. hey guys can i submit an article for the tavern chronicle???? cheers
  13. i too rate my entertainment on how many memes are used in it
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