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Going F2P with a full bank updated July 2005 (AOW)


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Guide originally posted Wed Jan 11, 2006 9:38 am








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This guide will explain how to go from members to F2P and never have to worry about the limited F2P bank space even if your bank is full of members items, or even junk items.








You all know that member's bank holds way more items than free players. In the event that you need to go F2P for a while, for whatever reason (credit card declined, changing banks, parents denied, less time to play, etc), here is a great way to still enjoy the game with the severely limited bank space.








The Problem




Most people try to deal with this problem by trying to sell off their member items. You see it all the time, huge "Quitting Members" sales in the forums, in a desperate attempt to clear their bank down while trying to at least get some money for all the stuff they own. The sad reality is, usually if theyve already cancelled, their time is limited and it means they are desperate to get rid of the items. At the last minute "everything must go" regardless how low the offers are, because if they dont sell, they have to give it away or sell to shops or just drop them. With this method, even if you barely get your bank size down to the f2p allotment, youre probably facing a huge loss.








The Solution




The better option to me is to store multiple amounts of all the items you will be using during your time in F2P. This way, you overcome the bank space problem, and you can actually store more f2p items than the designated 60 spots.








How it Works




The key is to always leave at least 1 of the item in the bank to hold the space, so that you can deposit the item again when you want to. F2P items are usually much cheaper in general than member items, the most expensive probably being rune armor and weapons, but coming from members, money making options are plentiful, and the cost is nothing compared to the loss you could face from a bank sale going wrong. Not only that, in the event you resubscribe to members, you can always sell the extra rune sets back to recover the cost








The next tip is to sort your bank so that your f2p items are near the top, and your member items are to the bottom. You never need to scroll down, since everything you need is on your first 1-2 pages. You can just completely forget about the lower part of your bank, since you dont want to take out anything there that you cant use and cant put back








Finally, DONT USE "WITHDRAW ALL"!!!!! particularly for stackable items like your gp, runes or arrows, and for nothing items. Be very careful to make sure and select withdraw X and make sure you are not entering a bigger quantity than what you have in your bank. Once you withdraw all of any item, you CANNOT PUT IT BACK








In the event that you accidentally withdraw all of an item, you might need to get a "trusted friend" account to transfer the item to. But it really is an inconvenience unless you can get the "friend" online and where you are when you need the item. It's not a situation you want to be in, but its better than walking around with all of an item and wasting inventory space, or worse, dying and losing it all








NEW EDIT Strategy for Setting up your Bank




This is the step-by-step game plan for your month of membership that you will want to follow to make the most out of this technique. It will actually require you to change your game a bit, but its a simple matter of thinking a bit differently than you normally do, and the rewards is more than worth the trouble.








1st: You might want to print out the checklist at the bottom of this guide. All items that you think youll need to store or use in f2p, check them off. Add any extrs items that i dont have (like lower level armor, new items since the update, etc). Then, while in members, start loading up your bank with at least 1 of each of these items that you would like to have stored when you get back to f2p. Remember that members bank has 3nearly 400 spots, so feel free to load up junk tools and anything at all. I mean TOTALLY store everything, even ashes and burnt food, even worthless junk items.








2nd: During your month in members, take the time to organize your bank in a neat and efficient way, with related items grouped together. Make sure you are satisfied with the way your bank looks, and you know where everything is. Now get in the habit of making sure that at least one of the items you need remains in the bank, to always maintain the layout youve set up. For example, if youre making arrows in members, and you cut 1k logs and you have 15k feathers, leave back some logs and feathers in the bank, even if its just one log and 15 feathers. You dont have to fletch them all. The habit of preserving your bank layout will be worth much more than those 15 arrows. in fact, i would advise you leave more, or chop an uneven number just to make sure youre not tempted to use them up








3rd: Realise that there are 2 types of items: tools and materials. I classify tools as anything you use one of, and put back when youre done. so things like armor, robes, weapons, and actual tools, fall into this category. Materials are any items that are consumed during training, like arrows, runes, food, wood, ores, and so on. Generally, its a good idea to have at least 3 of all "tool" items in the bank, and about 40-50 "material" items. right now i have a number of iron, steel and mith plates in my bank for high alching. because of what i use them for (mage training), these are material items in my context. If youre a pker, or tend to lose certain items often, then of course youll need to stock more. Also, if you find yourself left with just one of a certain item that you need to train with, OBTAIN ANOTHER ONE FIRST, or better yet get a few. Its actually better for you if you dont train that particular skill to keep your bank layout and number of spots set up the way it was.








Even before you cancel your membership, start getting in the habit of playing this way. Play and train as if you already cant store items, or cant withdraw all. Not only will you be hugely advantaged by having LOTS of items in your bank, but youll also be very organized and efficient, and youll find things in your bank super easy. Even if you do decide later on to go back to members, you wont break your habit of keeping your layout set up the way it is.








BONUS Duplicating Quest and Special Items




Credit to DragnFly for this section:

    [*:21obp4ny]Amulet of accuracy - Only method of obtaining additional amulets is thru trades with other players, or if you happen to get lucky enough to find one someone sold to general store/dropped. Tradable.
    [*:21obp4ny]Anti-Dragon breath shield - Withdraw if you have. Head upstairs in lumbridge castle, drop and talk to the duke of lumbridge to obtain another, repeating as necessary for desired quantity and pick them up. Also, the duke doesn't notice shields in banknote form, so they can be withdrew as note form without having to be dropped.
    [*:21obp4ny]Blurite Ore - No limits, just simply head down to the ice cave and mine as much as desired.
    [*:21obp4ny]Blurite Sword - Currently not obtainable again after quest. During the quest, mine as many blurite ores as you need, with twice the number of iron bars as ores. Ask Thurgo to make you a sword, then drop it and ask again until he's made all the swords you need. Then pick up all the swords and head back to the White Knights Castle to finish the quest. Before you talk to the squire, drop all the swords on the ground except one. The squire will take that from your inventory and reward you for completing the quest. Then pick up the other swords.
    [*:21obp4ny]Easter Ring - Withdraw your ring and go to Diango in draynor. Drop your ring and talk to him, asking for another ring. Repeat as desired, then pick all up.
    [*:21obp4ny]Ghostspeak amulet - Make sure you have none in bank, if you do withdraw it and head towards the hut in the back of lumbridge swamp. Once you arrive there, drop it and talk to father urhney to obtain another, repeating as necessary for as many as you would like, then pick up the rest.
    [*:21obp4ny]Maze key - You can stock up on these only for that part of the dragon slayer quest. After the part of the quest where you the map piece, you cant get any additional keys. When you ask Oziach for a key to the maze the first time, simply drop it and ask him again until you have enough, then pick them all up.
    [*:21obp4ny]Silverlight - Before killing Derlith, drop the first sword you get and talk to Sir Prysin to buy another, repeat for desired quantity then pick them up.




Multiple Item Checklist




Here's a checklist of all theF2P items you'll want to have multiple quantities of:









    [*:21obp4ny]Rull rune (2-3 sets)
    [*:21obp4ny]Rune Battle Axe, Scimitar, Rune 2-Hand
    [*:21obp4ny]Boots, Gloves (or leather vambs), Capes (black, or all same color)
    [*:21obp4ny]Amulets of Defense
    [*:21obp4ny] Amulet of Strength


    [*:21obp4ny]Full Green Dragonhides
    [*:21obp4ny]Maple Short Bows
    [*:21obp4ny]Every type of arrow (even if you dont use bronze, keep a space for them... arrows are not easy to get in f2p)
    [*:21obp4ny] Amulet of Power (better range boost than ammy of accuracy)


    [*:21obp4ny]Blue Wizard Hats, Robes (Top & Bottom)
    [*:21obp4ny]Air, Fire, Earth, and Water Staves
    [*:21obp4ny]Every type of rune (make sure you have piles of all 11 types)
    [*:21obp4ny]Antifire Shields
    [*:21obp4ny]Amulet of of magic


    [*:21obp4ny]Rune Axes
    [*:21obp4ny]Plain, Oak, Willow, Yew logs


    [*:21obp4ny]Rune Pickaxes
    [*:21obp4ny]All ores up to the highest to estimate to mine (if you are near 70, stock a few addy ore for the space)
    [*:21obp4ny]All bars up to the highest you estimate to smith


    [*:21obp4ny]All types of molds
    [*:21obp4ny]Balls of String
    [*:21obp4ny]Rolls of Thread
    [*:21obp4ny]Cowhides (hard or soft leather if you want, but not necessary)
    [*:21obp4ny]Brown aprons
    [*:21obp4ny]All types of cut gems (if you cant cut a gem yet, still keep at least one of the cut type, but also store the uncuts too)


    [*:21obp4ny]Rune essence (normal and pure)
    [*:21obp4ny]Every type of talisman
    [*:21obp4ny]Air tiaras, mind tiaras (not necessary, they can be made on site, but good for saving time)


    [*:21obp4ny]Small nets or fishing rods and bait or fly rods and feathers (depending on level)
    [*:21obp4ny]Lobster Cages
    [*:21obp4ny]Raw and cooked fish of every type you plan to catch/cook (you can keep only cooked, if you plan to always cook all before banking)


    [*:21obp4ny]Big Bones (not necessary if you bury on site)
    [*:21obp4ny]Holy Symbols
    [*:21obp4ny]Monk Robes (tops and bottoms)

Misc... - Some extra stuff to bank not really in a particular category.

    [*:21obp4ny]Gold Pieces (duh!! lol)
    [*:21obp4ny]Limpwurt Roots and Red Spider Eggs
    [*:21obp4ny]Vials (empty and water filled)
    [*:21obp4ny]Rune Med Helm (Alching Purpose)
    [*:21obp4ny]Strength Potions
    [*:21obp4ny]Brass Keys
    [*:21obp4ny]Full Mith (for smithing, selling, running thru wildy)
    [*:21obp4ny]Woad Leaves (no idea why)
    [*:21obp4ny]Chocolate (Bars and Dust)
    [*:21obp4ny]eyes of newt
    [*:21obp4ny]Dwarfen Stouts & Wizard Mind Bombs
    [*:21obp4ny]Steel nails





Go through the checklist and make sure that you have doubled up on everything i have listed here. Modify it to suit your skill levels and skills you are working on. Believe me, this way you can spend way more time in F2P without worrying about the items you've lost, and you can rejoin members when you want to (most do) but you are not pressured into rejoining because as a free player you'll have everything you need.








Remember that this doesnt guarantee anything. New updates in the game usually means new items. Also bear in mind that Halloween, Christmas and Easter usually means new items that might be impossible to store or duplicate. Also, theres always the possibility that you might accidentally withdraw something youre not supposed to. But thats totally unavoidable, so take this as a disclaimer. Enjoy!












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Are you a member with a full bank and cancelling your subscription? Are you an F2P player that wants more bank space? Check out my guide on Going to F2P with a full bank

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