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Tip.It Forum Rant Guide








Welcome to the new and improved Rant forum! The primary focus of this forum has been revamped to more of a "Rant and Run" concept. We want to provide a location for basic ranting without the pressure of trying to generate discussion or come up with a solution. If you want to prepare a well thought out discussion thread, please post on the new Debate Club Subforum. This is the place to vent your game-related frustration and blow off some steam.








Please note that this is not the place to get things changed in game. Please use the appropriate contact methods posted on the RuneScape site to get bugs fixed, bans lifted and users reported. The Jagex Rules of Conduct are strictly enforced on Tip.It forums. Do NOT use the Rant forum to discuss how to break rules.












  • [*:2xmpe44p]Hot Topics - Use the following links to post on the most common rant topics instead of starting new threads.

Why can't F2P have ... ?!
How I got Scammed - I'll know better next time
Grrr - I was unfairly muted/banned!
Why I put people on my ignore list! (No naming names)
Wilderness rants go here! (Including rants about Revenants)




[*:2xmpe44p]Search - If it isn't a sticky, please search the current topics and use your browser's search function to see if there is a running thread ranting about the same thing you want to rant about.








[*:2xmpe44p]Write clearly - It's hard to get others to join in your rant if all that's coming out is gibberish.








All Forum Rules Apply




















Last updated on September 24th 2008 by Shazarabbit

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