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suggestion? comments? *pixel*


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still work in progrees.. needs shading obviously.




any suggestion ?




probably gonna try and draw soome fish.




need help on how to shade or make water more realistic.




should i add a sun?





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i was bored i dunno if u like it better... or whatever... its pretty good u should expand on it, maybe i could help you out more if youd like with shading or whatever

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um... thankz ratherbeskatin




not sure what u did... from what i see u removed some outlines around the head, added more water things and alternated the stone colours..




i was gonna do that but thankz 4 doing it 4 me hehe




Yes it is an AVATAR, for me unless i start getting crazy offers








*edit* whoops right.. sorry, thankz ratherbeskatin... i keep getting confused with u and youmakemesick cause their both phrase names.. heh




anyways thankz again

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