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{Total F2P / Lvl 3} Skill N3rd ==> The Skille Pure JourneY !

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Hello and welcome to my blog! :D








After 1 year playing playing on my main (now level 82 combat) I choosed to folow the way of Skill Pures.








Here is it :




















Here are my current stats (I will update them regulary) :




























Goals :








At the moment, my current goals are to be at least 40-41 in all my skills (exept combat of course :lol: )








Mining 15/41




Smithing 9/40




Fishing 25/40




Cooking 28/40




Firemaking 34/40




Woodcutting 41/41 <<<<<Goal complete !








I've got another goal.. <3:








Full Wizzy (g)












Donations :








There aren't any for the moment #-o But of course they are welcome :mrgreen:












Feel free to add me, Private Chat is always ON








Major Achievements : *I will put her the Levels only each 3 level up per skill*
















I'm currently at Barbarian Village Fishing place, my homeworld is World 17, come visit me :)








I hope you liked my blog, please say to me what do you think of it =)

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I hope you liked my blog, please say to me what do you think of it =)




This is not blogscape




Ask a mod to move your topic :) and good luck i think it's a nice blog with easy achievements, addicted players would get that in a day :D

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Gl! I should train crafting and runecrafting yoo :D








I have a skiller too, and i've got 188 total. Almost the same.




Maybe we can train together \:D/









One day i was killing deadly red spiders lvl20 noob came and said"i reported u for BUG ABUSE"
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