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46 to 53 thiving


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Pickpocketing farmers is good, my suggestion is to consider the Rekalla.




Up there, (if you've started the fremmy trials) you can trap fremmy in their houses and pickpocket them (65 exp). There is also a quick spawning 10gp chest (7.5 exp) and a slow spawning arrowhead chest, in swenson the navigator's (150 exp).








I do a round of arrowhead chest, then pickpocket pickpocket pickpocket, 10gp chest, pickpocket, arrowheadchest.








At about level 50 I switched to safes in rogue's den. They have a quick respawn and the gems aren't bad either. Just be warry of damage.












One thing to keep in mind, keep your Agility roughly co-equal to your Thieving, since ultimately they depend on each other.

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