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Go throught the taverly dungeon all the way past the black demons, and up the ladders, you'll be right there. You should take a mith grapple if you have one, so you can just grapple the tree to get to cath when you're done.

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yer, where that dude said =]








you can see it from catherby beach.
























thanks about the sig part...



Barrows Items(Order)-V brassy,V-skirt,T legs,Guthan WarSpear.


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you suer cuz i looked at the map of it and it said the fire obilaske?








The fire oblisk is in the wildy =/








Fire obelisk is NOT in the wildy.








the Fire and Water obelisks are accessed through Taverley Dungeon.








the Earth and Air Obelisks are accessed through edgeville dungeon (I know air is Level 7 wildy...not sure on Earth)

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