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  1. Hi, i have what was a beserker pure called M0nk n Ir0n. It's combat stats are: 73 Strength 61 Attack 48 Defence (getting 70) 20 Range 50 Magic 43 Prayer (getting 52) 63 HP What i need to know is what stats i should get (All i know is 70 defence and 52 prayer) and if possible, how should i get them. I am currently F2P but i should be getting membership in about a month.
  2. I heard it on Kerrang, so i don't know where the origional article is =/ Google plz?
  3. bump and to the post above... [bleep] YOU
  4. lol? Yaks are like the least over looked spot since rock crabs...
  5. Scientists found that the parts of the brain that respond to a lot of drugs seem to do nothing but respond to that drug. So they sort of make a barrier. Don't ask me to explain please :D
  6. It'll be the end for all the east-end gangsters. Building the new stadium..."AY, int that wur we burried Jack de ha'?!" Lee Evans ftw!
  7. Hi, what do you guys think about the concept of being imunised against the most common drugs (has been developed). Would it be a good idea? They basically prevent the person who takes the drug from feeling any of the effects of the drug. I feel that it is a bad idea. If my parents had the chance to immunise me and they took it, i would feel as if they don't trust me enough to let me make my own choices. Although i think it could be used to protect people from the after effects and consiquences. Overall, i think things should be left how they are...but it should be developed. Who knows...it could help find a cure for cancer for all we know... Discuss.
  8. muggiwhplar, that spot is becoming unbelievably popular really quickly. It's a badass training spot but i must have about 6 friends that were doing it today alone. I forgot, one of my favourite ever low level training spots...Blurite cave. You can train from level 20 - 90 here. Muggers until about level 30, pirates to 50, hobgoblins to 80, ice giants and warriors to 90. Can get crowded at ice monsters though.
  9. hahahaha, i'd be like "dad [bleep] off, i ain't selling anything!" nice find 'n read =] also added to wikipedia "gold-farming" page :thumbsup: I'd be like "around £30 but i need to use your paypal".
  10. The truth is that Runescape is ultimately a waste of time. Or atleast playing it none stop is, as you could accomplish a lot more donig other things, and could probably enjoy yourself more too. I play like a max of an hour a day, more than that and i just get bored and quit for like 5 days. Plus i'd rather go out with my real friends and talk to them irl than via RS. I have a gaming website and do a lot of video editing (and graphic design) so overall my parents feel that the time i spend on the PC is constructive and puts a lot towards my future. (I'm not an amateur video editor btw, i've spent well over £800 on it).
  11. WW3 Please :pray: It'll be badass. I'll be like, dual M249 SAW, BRRRRRRRRRR! 10 kill streak! AHHH im hit! WAAHH!! 17 second respawn!?!??
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