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Just a couple goals... :D

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Well, I've set a couple goals for myself, and am pretty confident I can achieve them.








One of them is 99 Hunter (currently 76).








I will get my levels by hunting Red Chinchompas - Once goal is completed I will have 33.6M - 43.2M (depends on the price they are when I get 99 ::').








Reason for getting 99: That is one hawt cape (next to range and FM :D), and I'll have a decent ammout of gee pees <3:.




















The second is 60 theiving. I will get this by doing Pyramid Plunder (love that mini game :)).








Reason for getting 60: Don't know... because I want an excuse to play Pyramid Plunder ;).




















The third is 70 Agility. I will get this by either Ape Atoll course, or the new one (when it is released, and if it is better then the Ape Atoll one.)








Reason for getting 70: To get to Blue Dragons easier... I enjoy p00ning them <3:.
























The Fourth, and final is 80 range (maybe 99 :D). I'll get this using the Red Chinchompas I get from hunting at PC.








Reason for 80/99: 80 - Because I like that level :). 99 - Another hawt cape <3:.
























And a side-goal that I might get, or maybe I won't... don't know. If I go for it, I'll chop maples till 75... nothing much to explain.








Reason for 75: Magic logs, and the claim.
















My stats!:












1 Runecrafting




53 Mining (don't get why its not on scores... oh well.)

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