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few questions about becoming non-member again......


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1.If i had a poh when i was a member,then i became non-member again,would jagex erase the profile of ur poh,including the furnitures,rooms and stuff?




2.is agility working in non-member's world?i once heard that u can run longer even in nonmember world if ur agility rise to a certain lvl.

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no it wont erase








yes it works

Hey Nicrune007 , Whats Your Username?


99 Ranged on 2/6/07 99 Hit Points on 9/5/08 99 Defense on 26/4/08 99 Attack on 14/2/09 99 Strength on 25/2/09 99 Slayer on 13/9/09\:D/

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