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  1. Oh yeah the glitch of that agility shortcut logo in the minimap seems off...
  2. Oh yeah stab is just pwning him... and claws too thanks guys :D
  3. idk wikia says so not sure if its true...
  4. Well I don't have claws and finally i got my overloads I went to solo bandos. I'm using CRapier on slash. 3 kills done and this dude with whip and glory crashed me. But he had a Dclaw From then on all the kills were his >.> So question is... Whip or CRapier at bandos? ( and also which attack style) Is Dclaw that important? ( has no cash =\ Also my gear is: Verac Helm Fury Karil Body Verac Skirt ( no money for tasset) CRapier + defender Fire cape Dragon boots Ring of life What can I improve on my gear?
  5. Try w117 Dungeoneering place alot of people ask for assist for those there.
  6. If i recall a video as you enter the nat temple during loading screen try to click beside the altar ( to move beside) instead on it (to move to craft). when you start moving then you click on the altar.
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