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  1. If new websites have the old information, thats fine, but thats not the point, the point was that the new websites are not giving credit or sources to the original websites. I have hundreds if not thousands of pictures from rsc that I choose not to upload for this very reason. Many including bugs that most new players never knew existed. Would you feel comfortable with saying that If a popular car sales/information website had thousands of images and historic information detailing a classic car, that having classic cars still in existence would be useless or not necessary? The more websites such as these that disappears the more players will forget what fansites evolved and developed from. Because plagiarism is more common it is not therefore not as evil? So.. by your standards if murders became more common does that mean there no longer as evil? I'm sorry, but in my opinion that is a very sad way of thinking. I do not reply to very many topics that I read here, but I do follow many topics and I've been playing Runescape since I was invited for its first Beta. History in my opinion is important, and if wasn't for Runescape's history, it would not be as good as it is now.
  2. I bought 100 tooth, and 100 loop half keys, sorry, and i was testing this theory because on my lvl 3 skiller, its a great, fast way to make money while merching.
  3. So this is basicly purely informational for all yall fellow runescapers out there. I bought 100 Half keys, and recorded all the drops with some interesting results. The facts: I paid 71650 per key Made about 788k total profit over what I paid Took about 2 hours, so thats 380k an hour, not bad for not doing anything really. Made about 7.8k per key, and thats at 71.6k per key, so if your planning on doing this, if you buy your keys for less than 80k each, you'll come out even, the less under 80k, the more your profit in the long term. Runes always come as: 10 laws, 10 chaos, 10 cosmic, 10 death, 10 natures, 50 earth, 50 fire, 50 water, 50 air, 50 body, 50 mind. The loot: 2 Diamonds, 2 Rubys: 9 100 Coal: 7 150 Iron: 11 5 Raw Swordfish, 1k coins: 9 Spinach roll, 2k coins: 30 Half key, 750gp: 2 Nothing: 7 Runes: 7 Addy sq: 3 3 Rune bars: 11 Rune skirt:1
  4. Its a fun idea, but realisticly, it would be just like the start of rsc, and the evolution of the economy would be similar. All out effort to get to 99 smithing to sell 'new' r2h's for 1m+. I like the idea because all the current members of runescape would be able to witness the evolution of how our economy came to be. It would give a chance for players that havnt been around for years to have a 'fair' chance to become the best, fastest, however, on the same page, the majority of players who have been around for years probably wont abandon the accounts they spent so much time on, espically if there already 'at the top'. I can safely say from experence that when the rs to rs2 switch occured, a large portion of players would not have switched if they would have lost all there stats + bank. Heck, at the time, alot of players were hesistant to switch anyway in fear that they would lose there bank items if it was another 'jagex fail'. Dont forget that back then, that was not uncommon. (reference to addition of construction skill)
  5. I truly believe its a good thing. I play runescape strictly for fun, and having levels capped at 99 hurts some players but also helps others. I believe jagex addresses this, as they gave skill cape at 99 AND 120. Going back to what I said previously, I play for fun, my skills arn't superb, but the skills I dont like, I just dont train, but I do really enjoy certain skills, and allowing me to pass 99, increases the amount of gametime I will ultimately have in the game (which makes me happy) which also gives jagex more money (which makes them happy).
  6. During my slayer task this afternoon i noticed that they drop the chaos talisman, which is not currently on the drop table.
  7. I've been playing since early 2002 and I can say theres definately a ton more players, but also many more mature, and friendly ones too. I think I can safely say that the community is matureing significantly.
  8. Sorry for bringing this up so much later in this thread but, i HIGHLY doubt they do that. If anything they probably have completely stoped thinking about removeing them. Party hats collect value so much do to all the money entering the game. Thats bad for people who want to buy one, and as the popular belief is, its completely one-sided for merchants. What would happen if you removed party hats? A horrible increase in everything to do with skills. You yourself have said your not affected by party hats, but you are, if they removed them and gave the merchants their cash, coal and other materials would skyrocket. My proof? RSC. You should be happy that there is party hats right now, becuase remove them, and your looking at maybe 300-400 a coal, and since you dont happen to own rares, you'd be hurting. Along with the rest of rs, it is far, far to late to do anything about party hats and jagex knows this. Rares keep prices on other items stable by "sucking up" money. It hurts a few people and makes others rich, but then again, the visa versa would literally screw almost everyone. Money is what makes rs turn, throw 5 billion dollars worth of cash into the market from removing party hats would undoubted change the economy drasticly, would it even out? Sure, every system will do that, but prices would gernerally be higher for everything. I've followed posts about Party Hats for years and i've seen just about every idea that has ever been. I've even came up with a few of my own, but no matter how i think about it, someone gets hurt. My thesis is its just plain too late to do that now. When rs2 was started they could have blocked the transfer of party hats and kept them in rsc, which wouldnt mess up either economy, that was the only solution that i could come up with that wouldnt hurt anyone. The next chance they'll have that is in a rs3, which isnt even a rumor yet. I've been 'merchanting' these hats since pink was selling for 37m. Does this make me more inclined to be on the merchants side? No, it means that i've been pretty much forced to follow the market through the time, which just simply means that me, along with others like myself, should know about this. This subject will never die. As long as there is a runescape there will be party hat debates, but either way, i find that in all games where there is rare items *that cannot raise in amount* that the economy is far, far more stable, and this is a positive effect that yall don't even seem to see at all. Thanks for hearing my opinion. ~Ustilts~
  9. If the wild were to be similar to a football field then it would have to go down in levels, not up, becuase with 140 levels of wilderness total, it would take 10mins or so just running from one side to the other
  10. Yeah it would be worth the money if i already didnt know how to do that :P
  11. Means multiple players can attack the same monster
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