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  1. I started since day 1, my account was elementboy69 back then but he got banned due to being young and immature lol. Zelda Link is my account now
  2. brawlers are far from useless, its not hard to find a remote spot in pvp worlds... the only exceptions would be agility
  3. First off im not talking camping slayer monsters, im talking doing slayer tasks in general.
  4. slayer is probably one of the most profitable moneymakers in the game. what do you call all the drops you get on slayer tasks, and reward points. you might want to rethink your slayer needs to be profitable comment
  5. 26kers get no respect. it should be considered bug abuse. hopefully it gets nerfed soon
  6. a few months ago i was in your boat. i just recently got almight 70 slayer *lol*, and had 82 defense attack and strength. i decided i wanted 85 slayer and trained defense. i am now 85 slayer with 98 defense. persistence pays off. i found if your slaying defense is your best friend, it allows you to finish tasks without banking for food as often = quicker slayer xp. attack would also be nice but i suggest defense
  7. With those stats, how were you "mighty" he is mighty....mighty newb
  8. dont tell me they dont sell, i know they sell cause i just sold 10k of them, you only need to make 10k to get the rune axe, your money wont come until yews. i also like how you ask for advise, and when its given your critcize. if you dont want advise then gtfo the forums
  9. use your adamant axe, and cut willows to make money for a rune wc axe, then cut willows until 60 wc which shouldnt take long, then cut yews for money
  10. it does look like a bow to me as well
  11. im not sure why people are saying "he is in the hospital he isnt dead yet" from every article i read he was dead on arrivial of the paramedics, and they couldnt bring him back. so he was never alive upon entering the hospital, RIP MJ the king of pop
  12. you say price manipulation i say merchanting. its all supply and demand. it happens everyday in the real world. you can whine and cry over it, or face reality and live with it. its been around since before you even played this game, and will be around long after you stopped
  13. no i am open to defense, i just wanted to wait to see how 1 defence went. i plan on getting around 60-70 combat
  14. ok so im making a p2p pure, ill give you his stats and i am open to suggestions 43 attack 56 strength 1 defense 63 hits 70 range 58 magic 1 prayer 50 combat. i would like to know what should be done to improve this pure any ideas are suggested no matter how out there they may be
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