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  1. I now realize that i put hunter in the title, even though it can't be done. so anybody with 97 herb wanna throw me a bone?
  2. now can anybody help me with 97 herb or hunter?
  3. If anyone with 93 in either of those skills can assist me, please reply.
  4. I am a level 112, so is it smarter to use her or shilo?
  5. Is there any way to boost my thieving to allow me to pickpocket a watchman? Any level boost will do at this point.
  6. so should i powerlevel using ivy to 99 then go for profit?
  7. I haven't played in a while, and i have a question. My woodcutting and fishing levels are the same, so which would be better to get to a 99? Which is faster, and which is more profitable?
  8. I only need a few levels so it should be alright. Thanks.
  9. Is it a viable way of training mage? I know i will lose money, but I'm willing to take the cut if it will work.
  10. Thanks so much! I completely overlooked the bonus glass.
  11. I constantly see people talking about doing superglass make for a profit. I want to train my crafting, so this intrigues me. All of the numbers i crunch come out to over a 2k loss. How do i make even a small profit or break even from this?
  12. What kind of pizzas are you guys referring to? Plain or pineapple?
  13. I once believed i had found a magical tree. I was so used to chopping normal trees, getting only one set of logs. The first time I chopped an oak tree, I jumped and screamed at the fact that i received multiple logs. I assumed that this was either a glitch, or I had just discovered a magic tree. I was informed, quite rudely, by an experienced player that this was not magic, and that I was a n00bZZZZ.
  14. I switch of pretty evenly between melee and range, so which is the best investment?
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