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MuffinMan ~ Learning to Play ~ 74/99 Fishing

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Starting a blog on here today where I can easily monitor how I'm progressing in Runescape. :]
















>I've been playing Runescape for quite awhile.. I'd say the exact year but I'm not sure.. I know that you used to be able to mine iron rocks over and over and they never went out lol. Sometime in RSC that's all I remember. Then a short lived return at the time sleeping bags of some sort were out and I got fed up with it and didn't play for a bit. Then I came back recently and started this new character and been playing a little bit more. I wish it was the same as it how used to be where I could trade 2k coal certs for a red party hat but I know those times are long.. long gone.<
















I guess I'll make them as I go, right now it's to get to 99 Fishing which I have fallen in love with in RS, don't ask me why. I'll be fishing lobsters and sharks, so I'm not really going for speed more so for the money and cooking experience involved in the end of it all. I'll be posting screenshots of my levels as I go. And have that nifty bar to make it seem like I'm never making any progress.. just to lower my self esteem.









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