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canceled! mods please close topic

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I'm hosting a party at the pyrefiends (Slayer Cave close to Rellekka) at 3PM Atlantic Time, on Wold 99...








CYA there! :mrgreen:












I am taking a break (cause i have to kill Kalphites for slayer) so this will be rescheduled to tomorrow... :wall: :D

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8-) its today......Only 2 more slayer levels.....I'll be fast......Don't worry, I'll be waiting there at 2:45.... :thumbsup:








Hope i see some of ya tehre... :D

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Hopefully the party will last for 2 hours... (3PM-5PM Atlantic time) Here is my schedule so far. 3:00-3:05...waiting for everyone to get here....




3:05-3:20....Kill pyrefiends.....If you dont have 30 slayer and plan on coming meet us at the Rellekka gate at 3:20.




3:20-3:40....Castle wars (we are voting on team)




3:40-4:00...Vote on what to do next (2 categories) Record video of the party or another round of Castle Wars.




4:00-4:30....Train against whatever everyone wants. Level 40 maximum.




4:30-5:00..Another vote... (House parties, keep training, Castle Wars -.-,




or make another video on our party.

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Yes, you cann be late, but if you're late for ANY reason whatsoever.....Private message me on RuneScape..My username is Toki42.








And if any of you are coming...PLEASE REPLY! i might be giving out items...I just need to know how many people ahead of time...Thanks!




































:twisted: :mrgreen: :ohnoes:

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