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Zeke051's Blog - Going for 90+ in ALL Stats

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Hello, everyone. I'm known on RuneScape as 'Zeke051'. I usually have my 'Private Chat: On'. :thumbsup: I am a member of Skillers United (A Skilling Clan). You may think I'm crazy for going for 90+ in all stats or you may start thinking "why not just go for all 99's. Rofl." And I am prepared for the stress and amazement of 90+ in all stats. :wall: I will also try and update this blog almost every day or every other day. :-w








My Starting Stats:
















My Current Stats:
















My Current Goals:
















My Next Goal will take me awhile but I WILL complete it :ohnoes: (going to be alittle hard as I hate slayer):












Latest Achievements:








March 6th 2007












March 5th 2007:












Banks Pics




coming soon...
















I do accept donations. lol. But donations are NOT required. =P~








Final Notes:








Wish me good luck please! I'm not too popular on other forums. Hopefully I will have more people behind this time. ::'

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Way to make a HUGE goal that you're gonna give up on in 2 months =D>








Good luck anyhow :shame:

hows the weather up there. where the rich people live. currently, in the poor area its -1.
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gl on your 90 plus all you can do it




























































































































































(in 3 years)



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