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  1. I'm almost happy I don't have the ability to see all of these bots at work. Is it really that bad? Oh right... Nice work :D Update us when you have all 90's! Looking forward to it mate.
  2. Hey there! Swell bank :D As far as what you should work on, i'd suggest getting one of your higher levels up to 99 for a fancy cape, and then possible dumping all those planks into construction for some levels and bragging rights!
  3. So maybe this has been said, i quite honestly didn't read all of the pages. But I am so tired of this trend of "ragging" On Jagex. Jagex is not your friend, but a company in business to make money. It bothers me that people with no clue continuously bring this argument up. If you don't like what Jagex is doing, quit.
  4. Awesome achievement! What're your goals after dg? Good luck :)
  5. One would think you'd train other skills O.o. Just kidding... you rock :)
  6. Hey congrats mate! I'd say in terms of skills, RC+ farm, or slay + farm. Or do both to switch things up. Good luck!
  7. Congrats, incredible accomplishment. Must be hard to resist getting a 99!
  8. Haha! That made me laugh. Some things have been to be... er shaved/trimmed. Anywaaaaays, I personally trim my armpit hair when it gets long. I refuse to shave it, because i used to shave my legs for competitive cycling and i KNOW how itchy it is between shaves. The fact that armpits are WAY more prone to friction means it would be unbearable.
  9. I'm ecstatic that we have an F1 thread on tif! Unfortunately work has prevented me from watching the races much this year. How're we looking in terms of competiton?,i know Vettel's been cleaning up... again. And although i'm not upset he's winning; I agree with you Danq, that it is getting slightly boring. Thoughts?
  10. This was a nice break from the RANTS forum i was just reading! Great idea, simple and quite brilliant. Kudos, hopefully this or something similar catches on.
  11. Incredible efforts Nuff. Mouse keys must help alot eh? Goodluck with everything.
  12. You can't quit! I just finished reading your blog. It reminds me of the good days in RS before i was banned/hacked/cleaned. Haters gonna hate. Pull yourself up and get back in the game.
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