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  1. Watched the Hobbit, finally. Went above my expectations, I expected it to deviate alot more from the book. A nice watch, not the greatest movie ever, but definitely worth seeing. If not for anything else, then just for the beautiful visuals.
  2. So, after tackling Agility as my first skill, I decided to take on another click-intensive skill, Hunter. After a month of, at times very intensive, hunting I got to the double-9. Whoopdedoo. Next off Dungeoneering or Mining I think. Open to suggestions :P ..Sorry for the poor quality, I blame Imgur.
  3. So, a little backstory for this: After sticking only to the Free-to-Play portion of the game for 9-ish years, I decided to get membership on an account (a new one I made just for this occasion, ooo...) just to try it out, since I lost motivation to improve in F2P. I decided to tackle the "harder" (if you can call skills hard, depends on the person I guess) skills first, so I started with agility. A bit over 2 months later, here we are. We'll see what's next ^^
  4. Listened to this song for the first time in a long time today, and ended up listening to it like 3-4 more times. The riffing is very simple but catchy, and by god, Gavin Harrison (the drummer) just makes this song. Definitely one of my favorite drummers of all time.
  5. Watched Prometheus for the second time, and I still can't get over some of the acting performances. I mean, seeing an alien for the first time and, first of all, you don't seem stunned at all. In fact, you decide it's a good idea to go and touch the damn thing. They really don't train these guys very well, do they. In general the movie is pretty much so-so, average sci-fi film. Nothing special story-wise, and the acting, as stated above, leaves something to hope for. Decent watch anyway :)
  6. I, myself, haven't tried out xp rates in combat skills since I am already maxed melee on my F2P account, which I pretty much quit on in any case. My friends, however, all report xp rates around and above 90k/hour at hellhounds in the forinthry dungeon, using a gravite 2h and strength potions.
  7. I believe the last movie I watched was Jackie Brown, for the 51834th time. I just love how well Samuel L. Jackson works for the badass parts that Quentin Tarantino writes and directs. He's just a perfect fit. A must-see for anyone who likes Tarantino's work, and... well I guess it's just a must-see for anyone who likes good movies ^^
  8. Mining is easily 40k+/hr without max efficiency, just dropping iron with urns. Woodcutting goes at around 75k/hr with 99 wc, so probably around 60k maybe at 50-60-ish WC. Fishing provides similar rates at barbarian village. As for combat, I'm not sure about lower level training methods, but considering the fact that melee xp per hour goes over 90k at 80+ melees, it has to be alot faster than before in any case. So yeah, everything is faster. I just don't know how people train combats at lower levels, since I haven't really done it.
  9. Trying to get into some Smooth Jazz, particularly Dave Koz, Boney James and Kenny G have struck me with some beautiful and groovy sounds. Really good music to chill out to and enjoy in a more mellow mood :)
  10. Joined the group, feel free to check my profile at http://www.last.fm/user/Homepoika and drop me a line or a friend request :P
  11. Indeed it does not, since binding creating and dropping a gatestone to your action bar, and then just tapping them in quick succession would provide far too easy free magic xp. It would also be very easy to macro.
  12. Pre-EoC update from me too :) So yeah, last update before EoC from me. Hopefully I can still find the motivation to do some Dungeoneering after it, and not get completely stuck afking cooking or whatever.
  13. As I mentioned in the other thread, I managed to finally level again, so here's an update to commemoreate it! Kinda disappointed at how little I got done with our bonus xp weekend but oh well. Next level will probably take a while, but hopefully not too many ages ^^
  14. No changes in my plans either, just regular rhythm of Dungeoneering and Cooking when I don't want to Dungeoneer. Even managed to drag my dear old friend Kaizu for one run and he leveled Dg for the first time in almost a year :) Oh yeah, and I leveled too ^^
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