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Party, Party, ANNNND PARTY!!

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This is a better event then my old one.. It is from 4:00 PM Atlantic time to 5:00 PM.We will be meeting in front of Sir Tiffy Cashien in fally park World 132.












1.Party, party, ANNND PARTY!








3.Being late




4.If i don't show up.








Please read these if you plan on coming..









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Here is the schedule...




4:00-4:05....Get organized




4:05-4:20...VOTE TIME! (vote on what to do for 20 mins...i will have a couple things....)




4:20-4:25....Make video of party!








4:50-5:00....Give out items/Get ready to leave/ if you want u can keep partying til 5.. :-s

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SECTION 3-Being late




You can be late, but i won't be very happy....




The thing about being late for my partys is...




if you arn't here by 20 mins after the party starts, you have to help me with the party. :twisted:




But you can also bring some items to give out for when the party's over instead..... 8-) :D








by the way if no one's here and you come i'll be killing guards at fally enterance..

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SECTION 4-if i don't show up....




I will make sure this dosen't happen.




Well, I hope so...




well....This is the shortest thread....













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