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Dynamic Siggy Plz


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ok, heres the thing, my normal siggy is too big, and i just want a decent red stats siggy to post on these boards. heres the problem... SURFCONTROL. #-o i would do myself but this surfcontrol has got this comp hella locked down, i cant do anything dealing with rs, well a few things, but ya.




so im asking to see if anyone will help me out and hookup a simple stats siggy i can use, rs name is as i be, i.e. Domathere. i just need the link so i can post it, i know this is lame, but someone whats to help a fellow rser ....dont they?












thx much! <3:


Founder and Leader of Death Dragons

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Locked~Glad you found one, but in the future it might be better for you to post questions regarding specific links to websites in the General Help & Advice forum :) Thank you.

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