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magic shorts


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In what sense? Are they good to alch? No. Magic Logs cost 1k each and Magic Short Bows alch for about 950 gp each (or between 900 and 1k). Magic Long Bows, on the other hand, are descent to alch.








As for do many people buy them - not really. The only time people buy them is if they are in a bank and desperately need one. In that case, people usually pay 5k. But it's not worth making it your main source of income.

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I fletched yews all the way to 85, Kept cutting magics occasionally and then when i got 85 had enough magic logs to get me straight to 86.








I usually keep 5 or so magic shorts for when people ask in the bank, but it is not a regular source of income.....Vast majority is magic longs and hi alch.








Try and stick with yews until 85 if you can (and maybe just have a few magic shorts on hand)








Best of luck









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Make yew longbows until you can make magic longbows. Magic shortbows will make you lose money, and we don't want that.




Strung magic longs sell for around 1.3k ea to players.

2480+ total

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