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(Remember: Money is not an issue)








I'm looking to get some gear but I want the best for my money. I know Infinity is the best out there, excluding 3rd Age. But, is it really worth the money when I could spend alot less on something slightly less strong?








Example: Guthan's over Dragon. Yes, Dragon is stronger but double the price! Not exactly worth it when Guthan's can get the job done just as good. (even though I have Dragon on in my signature :? )








Even though money is not an issue, I'd prefer to save millions to sacrifice a little bit of power. Unless Infinity is 100% better than the one below it, that is.

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Mystic is next thing down from infinty...




I'd say just get blue if you're going to train with it.












Ahrims, as the defence compensates for a little less bonus.








I like using infin boots and gloves w/ ahrims and then using seers ring and mages books...That a very nice mage bonus.

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