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Holy crap, I've got a new goal!

Posted by Dax, 12 April 2010 · 914 views

New skill + I had 70 + Stats = Take a guess.

Yep, as soon as a site releases a goal signature for Dungeoneering, you'll see one to the left there. And, as I said to my clanmates when I got 99 Defence. The new skill will be my trimmer. So, if it does trim my cape, the whole 'You can go up to 120 thing' is weird and I'm not sure yet. On that note, does anyone know about the whole 'It goes to 120' thing? One of my clan members seems to think that you get the cape at 99, but you can only get that cape trimmed when you hit 120.

Anyway. I do like this skill so far, and I am definitely looking forward to a Bonecrusher. The only thing I don't like so far is the Rewards man. He scares me. :unsure:

Anyway, catch you next time, ~Daxter.

From what I read, the new skill is a waste, is it any fun?
I really like it, but keep in mind I'm only level 5 so far.
Well the xp is aggravatingly slow (got level 33 in basically a full day of no-lifing), but it's kinda fun. It gets old after awhile. Unless it speeds up after a certain level, 70 will take you months, maybe even a year or more.
Ah well. I must get it! It is my goal!

And I wouldn't mind getting a Bonecrusher, either. :thumbsup:
According to the skill's milestone guide - the skillcape is a milestone at level-99, but it looks like 'True mastery' yields a trimmed skillcape too? I'm rather confused if this means that that'll be the same as the standard trim or something different, but the guide seems to suggest 2 variants.

Either way, good luck with the goal - the skill is pretty fun! :)

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