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The Queen Black Dragon

Posted by IamTardis, 30 June 2014 · 2,046 views

Yes, yes, I know the Queen Black Dragon came out a long time ago and that most people find her somewhat easy. But still.

Slowly but surely I have been gaining some nice combat levels these past few months, a lot of which came from dungeoneering. I started seriously dungeoneering because of the tasks. I don't remember who helped with the first task I encountered (use some food on a team member), but he/she set me off to do a lot of dungeoneering tasks. Including that one for which you need a fully upgraded ring of kinship, in other words a whopping 313k-plus-something in tokens. Gathering all these tokens took a lot of floors, battling a lot of bosses and gaining a lot of combat expee. Mage, mostly, but sometimes I ranged. Combining that with the slayering I did and do outside of dungeoneering and two or three weeks ago I found myself being the proud owner of a runescape account with 90+ mage and 90 ranged.

90 ranged!
That's acension bows, but boy are they expensive. Since I also want to level expensive things like herblore, construction and summoning, getting an ascension bow was a no-no.
"So get a royal crossbow", my fellow hyters said.
Despite them repeatedly stating that it was really doable, even for me, I stuck to my trusty handcannon a long time. Mainly because getting a royal crossbow scared the hell out of me.

A royal crossbow is made by the extreme breath of the Queen Black Dragon. And that's was scared me. The Queen Black Dragon! Beating her was a challenge the size of Mount Everest. "Scary!", I told myself. "I'll die!", I told myself.

Still, I went to qbd once or twice, just to see what its like and to test where you gravestone ends up. It's nice to know you're able to get your gear back when you die. That's once of the things that's keeping me from gwd-bossing, even though everyone says I should be totally able to at least Graardor. Anyway, my gravestone turned out to end up right outside the qbd entrance portal. And getting there was so easy with the Port Sarim Lodestone.

One very important hurdle was taken.

So I started practising battling the Queen Black Dragon. Like once or twice a week. I hate dying, even though I'll respawn. I died a lot, at first mostly to firelines in the first stage. When I started to get the hang of the running-through-firelines-trick, I managed to empty the first qbd-healthbar. Suddenly she started spewing all these grotworms! "Wait!", i thought, "I am supposed to touch one of them artifacts now". There were like seven or eight grotworms before I got to the artifact. Needless to say, I died at the second stage. Getting past the second stage took me a while. Fortunately, I had lots of food because I was levelling fishing and cooking. Reaching that third stage was difficult, I died to firelines, I died to ghouly ghostthingies, I died to grotworms and I died because I remained at that over-the-water-platform too long. I learned that platform hits 1500 lifepoints if you hang around the artifact too long. I got stuck, and decided to quit qbd and go dungeoneeering instead.

And that's when I gained those magic and ranged levels.

Somewhere in the back of my head I still wanted a royal crossbow, but I was also scared of dying at the qbd. Sometimes I wondered why I was scared; it seemed a bit silly to be scared of her, after all, I would respawn and just get my gear back. I have a twelveminute gravestone, literally an ocean of time to get back to the qbd-portal.

In the end, I asked my fellow hyters for tips regarding armour and all. Others could do it too, so I could too, right?

The right armour, and especially weapons immediately made a difference (together with my improved magiclevels probably) and after just two tries I managed to get to the fourth stage.
Boy, did I feel proud of myself!
I got to stage 4, even!
Maybe this was doable after all!

After some more dying and lots more sharks I decided to switch from regular magic to ancient magicks. I got 92 a couple of days earlier, and 92 mage means blood barrage. They say that's a great spell. So why not try it out?

Getting to the ancient piramid is so easy with that lodestone in the desert.

Geared up again I went to the qbd-portal. One sip of super-anti-fire and one sip of super magic potion, and I was off!
With blood barrage on auto-cast and carefully watching firelines and ghoulies I was at stage 4 before I knew it. Stage 4! The stage with the extreme breath and the brandishing. Carefully I positioned my avatar right in the middle before the QBD, precisely where the guides say you have to be in order to get an unforged royal crossbow brandhished. Fanatically I kept my health at near-maximum, so I could tank the extreme breath attack when it came.

There it is!
The extreme breath!
Almost panically I clicked the brandish royal bow, and ate some sharks right after.
Wow, I almost died there.
I didn't have the time to check on my royal crossbow, would it be brandished or not?
I had to navigate some firelines and defeat some ghostlyghouliethings. Better check later, and deal with surviving first.

Wait, do I have to tick another artifact?

Why yes!
I run to the artifact, touch it, and suddenly an army of grotworms dies. A platform in the middle rises. My chatbox suddenly said the Queen Black Dragon wnet back to her slumber.

Did I?
Could it be?

Hesitating, I checked my inventory, and found a royal crossbow all ready for use. For a couple of seconds I just stared at it. "Royal crossbow" it said. No (unforged) addition anymore.
I did it. I really did it.

Entering the cellar under the platform, it started slowly to sink in that I did it.
I beat the Queen Black Dragon and managed to get that damned royal crossbow.

The Queen Black Dragon taught me that nothing apparently is really impossible, though sometimes things may take a hell of a lot of practisice before succeeding. But you'll succeed if you are willing to put in the time.
And also I obviously detest taking risks, even small ones, why I do not know yet, but I'll figure out. It would be nice to know, because then I can use that knowlegde to be a better person in real life too.

And whenever I will face something difficult, I'll think about my royal crossbow, and the epic fight between my adventurer and the Queen Black Dragon.
I did it.
I can do it.

Congratulations! The QBD is no easy monster to defeat, even with high levels. You should be proud of yourself, just like you seem to be.

Awesome :)

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