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Today was a good day..

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This blog post is dedicated to the random Level 131 who I fought Steels with before she lagged out. :thumbsup:


Woke up this morning, had brekky and as it hit 7:30, I remembered what I planned to do today, to go to the TET event. Half an hour late, I didn't bother going. So, I got stuck into Slayer. A few tasks later, I got Steel Dragons. THinking to myself 'God damn it, i'll have to skip this one' after walking in and taking down a few Steels. I decided not to waste my potions and stick around.


A few moments later, a level 131 wit a Soul Wars Cape walks in. I, being one who Nomad pwns every few days, compliment the cape. The 131 replies and we have a good talk. She eventually lags out as I say goodbye. A few kills later...




I take a break and come back to finish off my remaining 28 Steel Dragons, and at around 5 kills remaining...




Well. Now I think i'll enjoy some Pest Control and get that Void Ranger helm I want.


That's all for now, catch you next time ~Daxter.

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