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Cramming in a small day. Ideal?




Today's "Greatness"

Well hai der! I will say in my eyes I crammed alot of stuff into my day. I got up around 8 AM, slowly did some homework until 12 in the afternoon, then picked up the pace and finish my school stuff around 3 PM. I do need to learn self-control. Some days I am too slack. In additon to the plethora of homework I did, I ate a tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Today is also one of the few days this month I did not leave the house. Heck, I didn't even go downstairs today. I stayed in my room, and occasionally used the bathroom. I'm cozy in my dark dungeon :P. Tomorrow is Friday! Yay! That means the weekend will be upon me soon. That means that I will finally attend a 99 Thieving party, and TET's running/CW event. To top it off.... I will be gaming most of the weekend. I need to speed up to Tuesday really fast - my favorite TV show is on then... and I have been dying to see the next episode. Perhaps I might even crawl out of my dungeon and go outside. On a side note, my beloved laptop, which is in excellent shape, with a great speed, got the blue screen of death when Firefox did a major crash. That was a one time thing. My computers fine. It might even be running a hair faster O_O


In RS, I gained quite a few levels. This made me very happy. First, I gained 3 Slayer levels, 2 Summoning levels, 1 Strength level, and got to 90 Combat. That alone should put me in good spirits. Not bad for a day eh? Also, I have already run out of Sharks. New plan. Spend 800k on Sharks lol. (Which I will do, no joke). If you read my previous blog post from today - I had my first solo fail at the KBD. Mostly because of my low levels and not having an antifire potion or familiar. As I said eariler, I plan to shape up.


The three levels I gained in Slayer make me 45 Slay. Only *40* more levels until I can stomp Abby Demons for some more whips. <3 I finished my Lesser Demon task, and I got 133 Fire Giants. I have 74 more to go now. I made roughly 50k from the Fire Giants I Slayed while I was in the Chaos Tunnels. Not bad, but not good. I should of been able to last longer. Oh well. Tomorrow I will finish that task, and work on training my Strength to level 70. Then I will train Summoning some more. Then Defense. Then KBD owange. Perhaps when I get between level 95 - 100 combat I can start attending Zammy GWD teams for a hilt + GS shards. <3 Who knows?


Today's Pictures [1 Picture]



I guess I crammed alot in today. I think it was ideal. Your thoughts? Feel free to comment!


Until tomorrow, 'ciao!



~ The 2nd General of Guthix



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