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Today's "Greatness"

Hai der again! Today was just another day... I got up, had a tasty breakfast, did my school stuff from 10 AM - 4 PM. After that, I mostly snacked on the various treats we have around the house. I shouldn't of done that. My dentist and teeth are going to hate me. >_< Besides that... I took my dogs outside for a while as it was really warm here today. Yay! This is the second day I have gone out of my dungeon! I have been sitting at my desk for the most of the day though. Perhaps I should even sleep in my desk chair seeing how much time I spend in it lol. I did do some hauling of supplies out of my dad's car to our basement - that counts as getting out too I guess. How ironic. During the summer time I was never in my house. Now I am. I miss summer so much. I am going to blink and it will be 2010 already. Sigh. On the bright side though, NCIS (my favorite tv show) has a new episode on Tuesday night, which is closer now that we are into the weekend. That makes me happy too.


In RS, I leveled even more today. I got to 50 Summoning 69 Defense, and 69 HP. I got HP and Def at the same time while Slaying some Blue Dragons. I still have more to do though. That means I'm 91 Combat now! 9 more levels until triple digits. I attempted a 'for fun' Zammy Boss solo. I got him down to 7/8 health then left due to lack of sharks. I didn't expect to kill him. This was for kicks / testing. I also will have to fish 300 sharks later for more money. Out already =( I will hopefully do some Barrows tomorrow though for a change of pace. I'll post my results.


Today's Pictures [2 Pictures]


50 Summoning



69 Defense



Until tomorrow... 'ciao! <3

~ The 2nd General of Guthix


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