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How do my legs feel? I can't feel them! =(

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How do my RuneScape players legs feel? Well, right now they are electronic mush. However, I think that my RS player did slim down when he realized that their would be more of this if he didn't loose weight :P. The event overall was great - lots of talking, Mod Timbo cheating, events, Mod Timbo cheating, etc. Did I mention that their was Mod Timbo? And that he kept on cheating by teleporting to some cities (or so people say). To view the pictures that I took of the event (2 rest stops and one while we are running) go ahead and click >HERE<.


Overall I did have fun - if I had known where Fresi was during the bone collecting event I would of won. >:) Oh well. Overall the event was great... and I'll be in shape for the duck hunting event. Yay!


PS: Congrats Den on 99 Thieving again :P.


'ciao! <3

~ The 2nd general of Guthix

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