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Which Kyatt's mine again?

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Ok, I only did two levels of Summoning, using the balloon, so I never really used a Kyatt. I just wanted to use that line.


Anyway, I logged on for some epic Exp today, and did some pitiful Summoning, which ended up getting me two levels. I then went onto my original Exp Weekend plan, which was to Runecraft. I ended up getting bored Runecrafting, as I always do, and only got one level before returning to Yaks to get a few levels. I ended up getting two today, and plan to get my final tomorrow, making 80.


I also had a lot of homework this weekend, and you can see how that went. I didn't get any homework done, thanks to the Exp Weekend, and Pokemon Silver. Two friends and I are starting a Pokemon challenge, and after unsucessfully trying to find a full English patch of Soul Silver, we dealt with normal Silver. All of us choosing a different starter. We originally planned tochoose our own, but we ended up trying to randomize our starters. We all ended up with the starters we wanted. KInd of pointless. :)


Anyway, i've beaten four gyms now, and I don't know where i'm meant to be going. I have the least amount of Poke-experience among us, but my friends haven't played Silver as much, compared to other versions. I'm going to try and lay off the computer and gaming tomorrow, as I need to do the homework, but I don't think that'll happen if I get Final Fantasy XIII as I plan to.


Catch you next time, ~Daxter.

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