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A blog entry about things that you could catch in a butterfly net

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I'm going to start by showing my Adventurer's Log from Thursday.




There are a few things you should notice here.


1. Check out that stylish monocle. I've been sporting it since I noticed they exist sometime last week.

2. Some sort of bug caused Fairy Tale 3 to show up twice. Weird.

3. I finally hit 75 slayer. Those two granite mauls are from my first-ever gargoyle task. :^_^:

4. I also finally finished Fur 'N Seek and killed the skeletal horror! (That's where the 75 slayer came from)

5. Oh and did I mention I BEAT NOMAD w00t! Got my quest cape back! eusa_dance.gif I ranged him in full Armadyl (with diamond bolts and a blessed spirit shield) using Soul Split. Finished with 4.5 brews and a rocktail left over. :smile:



So... yeah.



Anyway, a quick review of Fairy Tale 3. I really enjoyed it. All the visuals were stunning. The new Zanaris is beautiful.



Look at that. Lovely. Just lovely.



Although for some reason the Makeover Mage seems to have missed a few fairies in the marketplace.






As for the quest itself, it was well-done. I found the storyline engaging. No fetching, no escorting, none of the horrible things a lesser quest might have screwed up on. The cutscenes were good. The boss fight was creative and fun; I especially liked that each of the three generals has their own special ability (the melee one can attack your tooth plants, the ranger can buff the little orks, and the mage can summon more little orks) to add an extra layer of strategy. The Fairy Godfather's abilities were amusing as well--concrete shoes and fish. :thumbup:


My biggest complaint is that it was way too easy. But then again, I have 95 prayer now, so all I had to do was turn on Soul Split and Turmoil and finish the whole fight without needing a single piece of food. So maybe it's just me. Also, I don't really like the Tooth Fairy's character...again, though, YMMV.


As for the rewards, they're great. The magic watering can, sure, I guess. The magic rake (farmers weeding your patch, whatever, I still think it's a magic rake) is nice. The ivory orks you can fight after the quest have pretty good drops--might be decent to camp at for high levels, maybe. The new fairy rings are okay, I guess; I can already use Ape Atoll Teleport and Rum to get to Ape Atoll or Mos Le'Harmless just as fast, so whatever. The tooth pet is pretty cute, although I don't have room for it in my menagerie.


Using fairy rings without a dramen staff...priceless. :thumbsup:



There are some things that money can't buy. For everything else, there's money.



You'll notice that I'm wielding a butterfly net in that image. This brings me to my next topic: implings.


Now, I didn't blog about the changes to Impetuous Impulses when they first came out back in...whenever that update was. Since then, I've done some hunting, and I'm ready to report that it wasn't awesome before, but it's awesome now. When I was taking screenshots for this blog, I thought I'd do a little "before/after" image to sort of represent a typical trip to Puro Puro. Here's what I started with:




Now, as it turns out, it wasn't a very typical inventory. It took longer than usual because I stopped to paste and crop the screenshots, and also, well, I'll just show you the picture anyway:






That's 5869 xp (including the little bit of strength xp from pushing through the wheat) and yeah, a dragon impling that I yoinked as it was escaping from another hunter. Notice also the five zombie implings--they're fairly common and they boost your profits significantly once you get 84 hunter. (It's well worth bringing hunter potions for them.) With high enough hunter, plus high strength and agility levels for mobility, it's not at all unreasonable to expect profits of, oh, maybe about 800k gp/hr-ish, before factoring in the dragon implings. And it comes with 40-50k-ish hunter xp/hr, roughly.


By now I've memorized all the crop circle locations to get the farmer's affinity bonus--which is another new bit that I love, by the way--and now that I don't need my Lunar Staff to access Zanaris, it's a breeze to just hop over there with a Slayer Ring and step in the permanent crop circle on all the subsequent trips for the duration of the half-hour. I used to try and use the alternate crop circles whenever I could just to avoid spending the extra inventory slot on the staff. Now, not only is it much more convenient, the half-hour timer makes it a cinch to keep track of my xp/hr.


The new implings help a lot too.


1. Zombies: I already mentioned how common the zombies are. They're about 12k each these days and can easily contribute over 200k gp/hr to your profits on their own as long as you don't loot them. (Don't loot them. :wink: )

2: Spirits: Spirit implings are pretty common too, and they fetch a nice price. Obviously the charms are a nice bonus as well--I've taken to keeping an empty slot in my inventory because I can almost always expect to see at least one charm drop.

3. Kinglies: Rare and frustrating. Frustrating because they're worth millions and I don't have high enough hunter to catch them yet, so whenever I see one, I'm seething. This is why I'm training hunter. (Well, that and the 800k+ gp/hr I mentioned earlier.)






Shifting gears completely, I'm pretty excited about the new Archenemy variant in Magic: the Gathering.




Whoever named these things, wow, major kudos. I look forward to cackling malevolently as I put my Evil Overlord schemes into motion. Bwahahaha.



So yeah. I also gained a few other random levels, bought a Staff of Light, sold the Staff of Light two days later for 200k profit, saw Iron Man 2 (it wasn't as good as the first one, but it wasn't horrible), broke the 800-Pokemon-captured mark in my ongoing Pokemon Pinball save file, probably got a 5 on the AP Calculus test, my dental implant surgery went off without a hitch, I had pasta and sushi for dinner, and I get to vote this year! It's been a good May so far.

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Recommended Comments

That is quite a long blog post. Beautiful. I agree fully with you on that Fairytale III was too easy.

Beautiful skills btw.

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If you see a Kingly, you can always get your friends to come catch it. Its as much help to them as to you.

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Linking to TV Tropes, eh? :shame:


And yeah, Zanaris is absolutely beautiful now, and FTP3 was quite an interesting quest. 'Nice entry, by the way. :thumbup:

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Linking to TV Tropes, eh? :shame:

I confess that I was stuck there for about an hour after I wrote this post... :oops:


High five for AP Calc!

*high fives*


That population density problem towards the end of the multiple choice was murder and I know I missed at least a few points on the free response, but I felt pretty confident about the test overall.


If you see a Kingly, you can always get your friends to come catch it. Its as much help to them as to you.

My friends are strong, independent people who can find their own implings. I want money for me. :razz:


There's usually some 99 hunter running around who I can tip off, but wouldn't you rather be eating the pizza than delivering it? Why be the scout when you could be the marshal?

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